Safety Committee

THLC is committed to create and maintain an atmosphere in which students and staff can work together in a safe and nurturing environment. To confirm the safety of students and staff in campus, school has formed safety committee having representation from staff, students as well as parents. We conducted workshops for all our stakeholders regarding the right to work with dignity and provided awareness about appropriate/inappropriate behaviour.

The school has constituted an Internal Complaints Committee for prevention of all kinds of gender issues as per guidelines of Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal Act, 2013. The primary aim of this committee is to provide pleasant work environment for the staff and a secure and joyful learning space for the students.

Internal Complaints Committee::

  1. Dr Madhavi Ravi – Presiding Officer
  2. Ms Saritha Challagulla – External Member
  3. Dr Sandeep Kumar Tomar – Member
  4. Dr Mukta Kalra – Member
  5. Ms Sreelekha Gandham – Member
  6. Ms Radhika Ramanathan – Member