The Heartfulness learning Centre

Infrastructure Details

Particulars Numbers
Number of Building Blocks of School 2
Total Number of Rooms 45
Number of Auditoriums 1
Total Number of Libraries 1
Total number of Laboratories 7
Number of water purifiers/ROs available in /School 7
Total Number of Canteens 1
Total Number of Toilets 52
Number of toilets for differently abled persons 2
Total Number of washrooms for female staff 10
Total Number of washrooms for Male staff 10
Total Number of female restrooms 10
Total Number of male restrooms 10
Total area of School (in Sq. meters) 18,630
Library Size (in sq. meters) 170
Computer lab size (in sq. meters) 170
Composite Science lab size (in sq. meters) 100
Chemistry lab size(in sq. meters) 170
Physics Lab size (in sq. meters) 159
Biology Lab size (in sq. meters) 170
Mathematics Lab size (in sq. meters) 100