1. What will be the Curriculum to be followed by the school?

Comparative analysis of all the available curricula was done and analyzed. It was found that the concepts dealt with in all the curricula were nearly the same except for the approaches and the depth in which it was dealt. The best option we found was to follow the National Curriculum Framework which gives a lot of scope for us to approach the topics in the best possible manner.

Therefore, we are ensuring that it is age appropriate, dealt at the requisite depth of that level. Emphasis is laid on the introduction of Life skills, Global perspectives and heartfelt experiences. This will create an eclectic curriculum that is the hallmark of the Unique Heartfulness Way Curriculum being designed and implemented.

2. Is the school affiliated to any board?

As of now, No. But, we have applied to NIOS for accreditation of the Heartfulness Education Trust to run the Heartfulness Learning Centre. Most probably we will get this accreditation by June. Later on may be in a year or two when we get our own campus or building we may apply for CBSE/IGSCE/IB affiliation.

Note: Accreditation for running the OBE Year I to 8 and Academic Year 9 and 10

3. What will be the Assessment pattern?

  • The school will have Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) of the various activities done by the children during the academic year.
  • The examination system as such, will not be there till 5th but from 6th onwards the main stream academics semester exams will be conducted to train the children.
Note: As part of accreditation NIOS has the option for the child to write an exam in year 3, 5 & 8 (A, B and C Level).
  • For this also the faculty of the school will conduct the exam with the question paper set by the school.
  • This will enable the child to get an official certificate from NIOS at these levels. This will be recognized by foreign embassy.

4. What is NIOS?

The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) is an educational organisation which imparts education through Open and Distance Learning Mode and also conducts examinations for grant of certificates up to pre-degree level at par with other National Boards viz. the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE).

5. How different is NIOS from any other Institution for providing Education?

The NIOS follows learner centric approach of teaching through Open and Distance Learning (ODL) Mode. It offers a wide range of subjects in comparison to any other formal schooling programme. The learners are free to choose subject combination as per their needs and goals. The learners study at their own pace with the help of specially designed Self Learning Materials (SLM). Learning is supplemented by audio-video and face to face contact classes which are held at the study centres on holidays and weekends. The learners have freedom to appear in examination in their subjects as per their preparation.

6. What are the Courses offered by NIOS?

NIOS offers the following programmes /courses:-
Open Basic Education (OBE) Programme, which includes following three levels courses

  1. OBE ‘A’ Level Course -Equivalent to class III
  2. OBE ‘B’ Level Course -Equivalent to class V
  3. OBE ‘C’ Level Course -Equivalent to class VIII
  1. Academic Courses
    1. Secondary Course-Equivalent to class X
    2. Senior Secondary Course-Equivalent to class XII
  2. Vocational Education Courses
  3. Life Enrichment Programmes

7. Whether Secondary/Senior Secondary School Certificates obtained from NIOS have the same recognition as of other Boards?

Yes. The Secondary/Senior Secondary certificates obtained from NIOS have the same recognition as certificates issued by other Boards. NIOS is vested with the authority to conduct Public Examinations at Secondary and Senior Secondary level vide Govt. of India’s resolution dated 14 September 1990. Further, all the Boards either National or State including NIOS are following the National Curriculum Framework (2005). Thus, the Secondary and the Senior Secondary Certificates of NIOS are equivalent and at par to the Secondary and the Senior Secondary Certificate of other Boards.

8. How can I get information about the working of NIOS?

You can visit NIOS website www.nios.ac.in or contact on Phone at EPABX: 120-4089800, Toll Free No. 18001809393

9. Has the Association of Indian Universities granted equivalency to NIOS certificates?

Yes, the Association of Indian Universities vide its letter no. EV11/ (354)/91 dated 25th July, 1991 has granted equivalency of courses of NIOS with those of other examinations of recognised Boards for purpose of admission to higher studies in Indian Universities.

10. Whether a candidate passing the Secondary Examination from NIOS can take admission in class XI of any other Board?

Yes. As all the Boards whether National or of States including NIOS are following the National Curriculum Framework -2005 brought out by NCERT, hence, the NIOS students who have passed the Secondary examination from it are eligible to seek admission in Class XI of any other Board.

11. Whether a candidate passing the Senior Secondary examination from NIOS is eligible for admission in Universities and Professional Colleges?

Yes. NIOS learners are eligible to seek admission in any university and professional college if otherwise fulfilling the eligibility criteria of that particular university/professional college.

12. Do foreign universities accept NIOS?

Yes it is accepted for US colleges and universities. As a common courtesy, all foreign countries do accept home country issued eligible credentials for admission considerations. Yes NIOS mark sheet accepted everywhere. NIOS is under HRD ministry.