FAQs for Parent & Consent

What is the admission process?

We will walk you through the process. Please check our admissions webpage, https://www.hfnschools.org/admission for the information and application form.

What is the fee structure?

Please check the website https://www.hfnschools.org/fee-structure-2023-24/ for details.

What curriculum does the school follow?

We follow CBSE Framework with a child-centric experiential learning approach. The heartfulness practices remain a major influence. More details are on our website.

What are the measures taken by School Authorities to promote School Hygiene?

We are meticulously following Government, Kanha and local guidelines

How can I relocate to Kanha Shanti Vanam to enroll my children at THLC? I need support for accommodation.

The school does not support accommodation for Parents at Kanha Shanti Vanam.

How often will there be PTMs?

There will be 1 PTM per term as per the academic calendar.

How many students will be there per section?

1:20 to 1:30

What is the number of terms that the school will have?

Three Terms

Is it possible to refuse a child’s admission?

The admission process is detailed in our admissions webpage https://www.hfnschools.org/admission The result of admission, either way, will be notified as per the dates mentioned. The admissions team’s decisions will be taken forward.

What are the features and activities of this School?

We will explain to you in detail during the interaction process. Meanwhile, kindly see the webpage for some details.

What are the documents required for seeking admission?

The documents required are detailed in our admissions webpage https://www.hfnschools.org/admission

When can we seek the admission?

Please check Important Dates published on our admissions webpage https://www.hfnschools.org/admission

What is the School Uniform?

There is a school uniform.we We will provide you complete information after the admission process.

Is there an entrance exam for admission?

Please check our admissions webpage https://www.hfnschools.org/admission for Aptitude Test schedule. Aptitude Test is applicable for admissions into Grade 3 onwards.

Do you provide lunch at School?

Yes. Combination of south & north Indian items

Does the School cater to children with special needs?

We request you to send an email toschool.admin@hfnschools.org specifying the particulars of the special needs. We will get back to you accordingly.

What are the documents required from Schools outside India?

Please check the Document Checklist for details.

Is there any admission preference/discount given to the sibling?


Is there any preference for Abhyasi Children?

We are open to all communities. Process is the same for everyone

Does learning happen outside the Classroom?

Yes, Holistic Learning is provided inside and outside of the classroom

Can a parent visit the school before seeking admission?

Observation (KG), Interaction rounds and Aptitude Test will be conducted on campus. Parents will get an opportunity to visit the campus as part of these stages, post application.

What is the age limit for a child’s admission in PRE-KG or Class 1 ?

By Sep 1,2023 the child should complete 3 years of age for PRE KG and 6 years for Class 1

If we get the Admission, will you provide the accommodation?

School is NOT involved in extending any kind of support for accommodation

Does the school offer Transport?

The school is not facilitating any transport for this academic year.

What do it mean when it is said “ uniform and text book on actuals?”

It means that these will be on actual costs of the uniform and textbooks. These costs will be provided in due course.

Is there any weekday boarding facility?

At this point of time NO

What about grade XI Admissions?

Please refer to our website for Grade XI options. If you are interested in JEE/NEET coaching, please get in touch with Kanha Coaching Centre. You may reach out to the team by writing to kcc.kanha@gmail.com.

What is the Aptitude Test syllabus?

It is a Multiple Choice question paper based on the grade the student had completed in the previous academic year. Same syllabus will be applicable for student Interaction as well.

Is it mandatory to fill the abhyasi ID column in the admission form?

Abhyasi ID column is optional

Can you provide payment through Phone pe or paytm?

Please follow the payment process for Admission Form as per the instructions

If a child doesn’t have Aadhar ID how can an admission form is filled?

Filling up the Aadhar information is not mandatory. Request you to apply for Aadhar as soon as possible.

Is there any option for kids to join online for the next academic year?

Based on government directives, a decision can be taken to be online or offline. The students will have to follow the school’s instructions at a given point of time.