Assessment Calendar from KG to Grade X – Year 2022-23

Class Date Details
Kindergarten August Kindergarten August Observation Cycle 1
Kindergarten November Kindergarten August Observation Cycle 2
Kindergarten January Kindergarten August Observation Cycle 3
Kindergarten March Kindergarten August Observation Cycle 4
Assessments & Exams
Class Date Details
Grade I to V July Formative Assessment 1
Grade I to V August Formative Assessment 2
Grade I to V 19th Sep – 23rd Sep Sep Term 1 Exam (LBC 1)
Grade I to V October – December Formative Assessment 3
Grade I to V January – February Formative Assessment 4
Grade I to V 9th Mar – 15th Mar Term 2 Exam (LBC 2)
Middle, Secondary & Sr. Secondary
Assessments & Exams
Class Date Details
Grade VI to XI 11th July – 18th July Periodic Test 1
Grade VI to XI 22nd Aug – 29th August Periodic Test 2
Grade VI to XI 13th Sep – 23rd Sep Term 1 Exam
Grade VI to XI 12th Dec – 19th Dec Periodic Test 3
Grade VI to XI 30th Jan – 6th Feb Periodic Test 4
Grade VIII, IX & XI 9th Mar – 20th Mar Term 2 Exam
Grade VI & VII 10th Mar – 22nd Mar Term 2 Exam



The assessment pattern and dates are subject to change as per the directives of Education Department.