Kanha Shantivanam magnificent in its conception, tranquil in its atmosphere, blends the beauty and richness of nature with a spiritually charged environment. At the heart of this sacred environment is our spiritual sanctuary, ‘The Heartfulness Learning Centre’ envisioned and created by Dr. Kamlesh Patel affectionately known to us as Daaji, the Global guide of the Heartfulness Institute, a wing of Shri Ram Chandra Mission. The School complex was inaugurated on the 30th of April 2019, by the Founder of the school and President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Dr. Kamlesh Patel.

This being the first year we will be running classes Pre-KG to Year 8 and have boarding facilities from Year 5 onwards. The hostel will be housed in the school complex. Academic year 2019-2020 THLC is just an infant with a vibrant student strength of 180 from Pre KG to Year 8, The pure, heartful, meditative energy at Kanha Shantivanam permeates the whole space and like osmosis flows and fills the hearts of these children who live, learn, work and play here.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” This exactly is the Vision & Mission of THLC. To build the wisdom bridge by creating interest in students and nurturing a joyful environment of learning through observation. To create a school of inquiring minds and open hearts by adopting an integrated, inter-disciplinary, experimental and experiential learning. A place where there is freedom and opportunity to develop diverse interests while staying grounded in the universal human values of truth, compassion, humility and love.

Curriculum at THLC:

Our curriculum covers a broad spectrum of academic subjects, Values education, Visual arts, Performing arts, Fine arts, Sports, Yoga, gardening and field work, giving children adequate opportunities to discover their true potential. The eclectic methodology of ‘Transdisciplinary, interdisciplinary, Experiential and Experimental Research based learning’ is facilitated by a dedicated team of trained and heartful faculty. All students are provided equal opportunities, not only to achieve excellence in academics, but also in cultural, sports and social endeavors.

Workshops and Teacher training programs:

THLC teachers participated in various workshops and training programs to enhance their personal and professional development. Some of them are ‘Secret of Success with MT&R (Mutual Trust and Respect)’, ‘Syndag (Synergy and diagnostics), ‘Teachers Journey’, ‘Facilitation’, ‘Effective Teacher and Classroom Management’, ‘Bhagavad Gita’, ‘Heterogeneous Learners’, ‘Teaching Methodology, Heartful Teacher & Inspired Living’.


We had a host of celebrations & festivals planned and presented by students – Annual Day Cultural ‘YATRA’, Annual Sports Day ‘The Grit’, Independence Day, Children’s Day & Teacher’s Day, Bathukamma, Diwali, Christmas and Pongal festival. The Literary fest and Math Fest were the highlights of this year, organized for all students right from Year 1 to Year 8, with varied activities and competitions. Each class was also given an opportunity once in 2 months to conduct the assembly sessions. These helped children to express, emote and develop confidence & leadership skills.

Field Trips:

Practical hands-on experience in farming and gardening at Kanha is a regular feature in the school’s curriculum. Farming teaches kids life skills, safety skills, responsibility, awareness of weather and Mother Nature. Most importantly they learn that hard work results in sweet reward. School field trips provide every student with real-world experiences and erases Classroom boredom. They enrich and expand the curriculum, strengthen observation skills and increase children’s knowledge in a particular subject area and expand their awareness. Every student at THLC has the opportunity to go out practically once in 2 weeks to explore, experience and learn.

Cultural Exchange Program:

Lyceum “Intellect School, ” is one of the best schools in Kyiv – Ukraine. As part of cultural exchange program, one faculty and a parent and 2 students of that school visited THLC in the month of December 2019. They were our guests for 2 days and witnessed the key elements of our curriculum, the methodology adopted, Values Education program and also the facilities and ambience at Kanha. They were so very amazed at what they saw that they extended their invitation for our students to visit their school. This is the first cultural exchange program that took place at our school.

Celebrities Visit:

On 3rd January, Team India’s vice-captain Rohit Sharma visited our school, interacted with our students and later laid the foundation stone for the cricket stadium and training centre. The stadium has been named ‘Rohit Sharma Cricket stadium’ in honor of the great player.


SOF academic competitions assist in development of competitive spirit among school children. All grades from 4 to 8 participated in different categories of SOF exam in 2019. A total of 85 students participated in NSO, 91 in IMO, 83 in IEO and 47 in NCO.

Wild Wisdom Quiz:

127 students from Middle year classes participate in Wild wisdom quiz.

Community Service/ Projects:

Students of middle year participated in community service projects. The central ideas behind the projects are principled action, learning by doing which involves making responsible choices, exploring ethical dimensions of personal and global challenges and Global Engagement through practical, real-world experience that enhances learning about self and others. Student were guided by the Supervisors from our faculty.

  1. Litter Management project where the students did a research based service educating the community about waste segregation.
  2. Medicinal Plants project involved creating awareness about various medicinal plants that are growing in Kanha and their usage.
  3. Essential Oils project involved spreading awareness about the benefits of essential oils.
  4. Decomposition project involved spreading awareness about how the bio-degradable waste is utilised through the process of decomposition to produce compost for farming and gardening purposes.
  5. Abating Poisonous Chalice was a project aimed at creating awareness about the harmful effects of excessive ‘mobile phone usage’ and how it can be managed well to lead a healthy life

Eco- Friendly campus

Rain water harvesting

For the whole school campus rain water harvesting is implemented. The collected rain water is stored in Sarovar near the school campus and used for irrigation and also filled in over hand tanks for general purpose use.

Use of energy saving and energy efficient electrical equipment

All the electrical equipment used in school are energy efficient. We are using energy efficient BLDC 30-watt ceiling fans. All the light fittings are LED type. For air conditioning we are using centralized air cooled water chiller system with ductable fan coil unit that uses less energy, reduces greenhouse effect and avoids contribution to global warming.

Solar Energy

School uses grid solar system. We have installation of 856 solar panels, 5 inverters with capacity of 50 KW each and total solar energy generation is 250 KW. Day time extra Solar energy is transferred to grid and night time electricity requirement is fulfilled by energy supply from grid. School also has solar water heaters with total capacity of 8400 litres for warm water supply in school and hostel premises.


Fruit bearing, wood bearing and flower bearing trees are planted in and around school campus. Many endangered plant species are also planted. THLC is part of Kanha village which was awarded the ‘Haritha Mitra’ (Green Friend) Award by the Telangana government for plantation activities as well as platinum award for green campus by India Green Building Campus.